Prenatal Pilates

Pilates results in a strong connection to the pelvic floor. This connection is beneficial in labor and delivery, as Pilates practitioners learn to feel and release pelvic contractions. A Prenatal Pilates practice ensures that expectant mothers will have the pelvic strength they need to return to a pre-pregnancy state after delivery. Because of Pilates' focus on breath, many mothers find that Pilates prepares them for more controlled breathing during labor. 

Pilates also improves posture and stabilizes the back and arm muscles, so new mothers can hold their babies more comfortably and for longer periods of time. Pilates practice results in more stable shoulders, which is extremely beneficial during breastfeeding. 

A regular Pilates practice can contribute to a quicker recovery period after delivery and facilitates a quicker return to the pre-pregnancy body.


4 Acupuncture +
3 Pilates Sessions



I began weekly prenatal Pilates sessions with Katelyn when I was 24 weeks pregnant. A few of my girlfriends had been to her throughout their pregnancies and had great things to say about her and how much their sessions helped prepare them for labor and delivery. I'm a bootcamp instructor, but my knowledge of the "pelvic floor" was very limited! After just a few sessions with Katelyn, I found myself using muscles I had never engaged before and being forced to focus on my breath by doing slow and controlled movements (quite the opposite of what I'm used to!). Later on in my pregnancy, an ultrasound confirmed that my baby boy was breech. Katelyn referred me to Ali at Yintuition Wellness. I'd never done acupuncture before but was eager to try anything to get the baby to flip. Ali was wonderful- she walked me through the benefits of acupuncture for pregnant women, and told me the techniques she would be using to help get him to move. The sessions were extremely relaxing. Although he didn't end up moving, I could literally feel the tension in my 36 week pregnant body melting away. It was so nice to have an hour each week to relax and help "unclog" all of the channels in my body and help relieve some of the pre baby anxieties! I ended up delivering via C section, but I credit my fast recovery to the work I put in with Katelyn. It was a total gift to be able to walk around the day after delivery and pick my baby up. Ali and Katelyn were an awesome duo to help prepare me for baby and I'm so thankful to have met these two ladies! 


I absolutely recommend working with Katelyn for prenatal pilates and Ali for acupuncture for any expecting mothers out there!  Both ladies saw me literally up until the day I ended up going into labor and, as a first time mom, I feel that both pilates and acupuncture prepared my body for one of the biggest days of my life.  Working with Katelyn was a great way to keep my body moving and work on my pelvic floor; she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to working with pregnant women, and I can honestly say that after having tried out a few pilates trainers in the past, she is the only person I would trust to work with me during pregnancy.  She knew which modifications were necessary to really work the right muscles without ever compromising my safety or the baby’s safety.  Working with Ali was an absolute godsend for helping my whole body relax; the acupuncture really helped with some hip pain I had been experiencing as the baby grew, and honestly, just overall helped diffuse any anxiety especially in the last few weeks leading up to delivery.  Ali does a wonderful job of really listening to you and tailors each session depending on what your body needs.  Lastly, while I know every person is different, I was able to push my 8lb 6oz baby out with 3 pushes and, no joke, the doctor & nurses were all asking what workouts I had done and what I had been doing during my pregnancy to get ready (having a strong pelvic floor will go a long way ladies!). 


I met Katelyn and Ali in my third trimester of pregnancy, and it was the absolute best thing that could have happened for my late pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

My back was killing me- I was feeling out of shape and out of control of my body, and it was getting the best of me.  I needed a way to stabilize and strengthen my back safely, and to get out of the pregnancy rut.  I found Katelyn on yelp- and while I wasn’t sure if she’d recommend beginning pilates at that stage- I am so grateful that she did.

Katelyn was so knowledgeable and I immediately felt safe knew this was going to be beneficial. After only two sessions, my back pain began to subside, and it felt great to begin to feel strong and active again (even when carrying a watermelon on my small frame). I also began to feel confident that  I could sneeze without peeing, which was not a small deal 

Katelyn also introduced me to Ali. I first saw Ali to help relieve the pressure in my neck and back, which she helped with immediately through acupuncture and cupping.  She also taught me about the benefits of acupuncture for promoting a healthy pregnancy and labor.  Her recommendations changed for different stages as we approached my due date. She shared techniques for self-massage and pressure that I could use at home to relieve pain, promote productive contractions, and eventually, help to induce labor.

I’ve had two children, and I can absolutely say that the combination of pilates and acupuncture made a world of difference between the two experiences.  I felt so much healthier and in control this time around. My labor was very fast (and yes, it was my second baby, so faster is expected but,), I went from waking up with no pain that day to having a baby in my arms within hours. Most impressively, my recovery was incredibly easy. I couldn’t wait to get back to working out after my 12 week recovery- though I felt up for it sooner than that.   This was a VERY different experience than my first child, when I didn’t get around to trying to get back into shape for almost a year.

Katelyn and Ali made this happy phase of my life so much more enjoyable, and I can never thank them enough for this.