Pilates with Katelyn

K Foley Pilates is a Reformer/Tower equipped studio located in the heart of Boston's Copley Square. The studio provides a private and serene setting with views of Trinity Church and The Boston Public Library. All sessions are taught by Katelyn on Peak Pilates equipment, emphasizing in high-quality, results driven workouts. 

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"Achieve your fitness goals faster & injury recovery with ease."


Pilates for Athletes

Pilates is vital for athletes’ muscle strength and flexibility and is utilized as an excellent injury prevention method. Pilates movements create lean, long muscle mass, which aides in speed and endurance. These exercises increase tendon, bone, and ligament strength and provide deep core strength for balance and stability.

Athletes from ballet dancers to football players find Pilates to be an invaluable conditioning tool for small, core muscle groups. Pilates increases an athletes' range of motion and results in more efficient movement. Athletes who practice Pilates find they can run faster, jump higher, and move muscles with deeper rotation

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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Pilates results in a strong connection to the pelvic floor. This connection is beneficial in labor and delivery, as Pilates practitioners learn to feel and release pelvic contractions. A Prenatal Pilates practice ensures that expectant mothers will have the pelvic strength they need to return to a pre-pregnancy state after delivery.

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Rehabilitation Pilates

Pilates helps correct muscle imbalances and improve posture through strengthening the core and the muscles that support the spine. Pilates also increases alignment and spine articulation. These benefits are especially helpful to those who have experienced injury, as well as those experiencing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease.  

In Pilates for rehabilitation, exercises are modified according to a person's needs and advance as strength and stability is gained. Pilates equipment provides assistance during movement, ensuring that joints are not stressed during exercises. 

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Your First Session

New Client:
Complimentary 30 Minute Session


Starting a pilates class for the first time can often be daunting. Most often clients look at the Reformer as a "torture machine".  However, once walked through the functions and comfortably positioned on the Reformer those pre-conceived notions go out the door. The combination of springs, ropes, and pulleys assist in modifying exercises, but can also challenge in other ways, to create a refined, body -friendly group of exercises.

The benefits of a one on one session will help achieve fitness goals faster and injury recovery with ease. There are a few things to consider before your first Pilates class; make sure your attire allows the body to stretch fully and instructor to see correct alignment. Check in with your instructor on any injuries, surgeries, pregnancy,  etc. Please arrive five minutes before the session to settle in and start on time.



Katelyn is by far the best. As a guy with a "lifting heavy weights / football mentality" it's hard to find someone in pilates who fits my needs... Katelyn does perfectly. She pushes me hard every class. Over my time with her my body has completely changed for the better... long and lean! I highly recommend K Foley Pilates to everyone, including guys!

Ben R.
Manager to Tom Brady


I have been training with Katelyn for the past 10 months and could not recommend her more! I started with Katelyn never having done Pilates before. I had been struggling with a prolonged injury and was told by several people that Pilates would help my body learn to work together more cohesively resulting in less pain/injury. This couldn't have been truer. Right from the beginning, Katelyn made me feel very comfortable. She clearly explains each movement so that you know exactly what muscles to target and how to use your body. After a couple of months, I felt stronger and experienced less pain! Now I am pregnant and continuing to see Katelyn regularly. She is great at customizing your sessions to meet your personal needs and goals and I can now say that I absolutely recommend for prenatal Pilates as well!  Highly recommend!!!

Marissa R. 

Who We Are


Katelyn Foley

Katelyn first experienced Pilates as a double dance major at The Hartford Conservatory in 2001. After a painful back injury she found Pilates as a major rehab component and has been hooked ever since. Katelyn is a classically certified instructor for both Pilates Mat and Apparatus through Core Pilates in New York City. Since graduating from Core Pilates NYC in 2010 she has worked in private studios, health clubs, and runner’s clubs in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Pilates has also taken Katelyn to Sydney, Australia where she was asked to be a resident instructor.

She has continued her education having taken extensive workshops in Pre/Post Natal, The Alexander Technique, and Anatomy and Physiology. Katelyn has experience working with special populations including injury prevention, sport-specific training, as well as pre and post-natal clientele. Now back living in New England since 2015 Katelyn thrives working one on one with clients with a deep focus on each individual’s needs and goals. 

Christie Wang

Christie Wang is a nationally certified Pilates instructor who has led thousands of Pilates students towards health and wellness. With over 4 years of experience teaching both Mat and Apparatus Pilates, Christie has a wealth of knowledge across populations. She specializes in working with athletes (specifically runners, triathletes, cyclists, and rock climbers), dancers and more. As a marathon runner herself, she is known for her tough but encouraging group classes, her challenging private sessions and an infectious love for fitness that she shares with all around her. Christie practices what she preaches as she strives to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle that incorporates her own personal Pilates practice, endurance running, bike commuting and group fitness classes.